Love cats? Funny furry creatures on your screen. They're not howling at your door. They're not leaving their "nice" surprises in your slippers. Their fur is not rolling over your floor and not clogging your corners. Now,they're made for living in your computer!

Lovely Cats screensaver


Cats have been known for their mystical ability to heal and restore human beings for ages. Ancient Egyptians worshiped cats as sacred animals summoned to this world to take care of human souls. It is a well known medical fact that stroking a cat normalizes blood pressure and reduces symptoms of insomnia. Try this screensaver featuring gorgeous hand-drawn graphics and you will feel the ultimate feline magic yourself!

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Lovely Cats Screenshot
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Classic Cats screensaver

Hey there, cat-lovers of the world!

The cats have finally made their way into the cyberspace. And now they play, purr, run, jump and misbehave right on the screen of your computer.

This amazing screensaver is a real masterpiece in the eyes of every animal lover. And it becomes an instant hit in every home, school, office or company where it makes its way.

Get ready to be astonished - these vivid pictures are original drawings. And you get plenty to choose from.

Please, don't resist the temptation to email this screensaver to all of your friends and relatives. They will surely be grateful.

So what are you waiting for? ">Download it now and start enjoying the company of these lovely furry creatures!

Classic Cats Screenshot
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Contour Cats screensaver

Mysterious silhouettes of cats are appearing one by one on a pitch black screen. The silhouettes are evenly filled with color or with flashing dots moving within the contour. You can use your imagination to try to guess what the cat is doing.

Contour Cats Screenshot
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